The ere 132 eco home is a research lab

In Canada, the housing sector is responsible for 17% of the total energy consumed, making it essential to review our way of building and renovating.

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To see a real change in environmentally-responsible energy consumption, two means are effective: the directives pertaining to responsible energy consumption and the evidence that the product offers a beneficial cost/benefit ratio. Various concepts of sustainable construction deserve to be tested and the monitoring process of the Eco Home aims at establishing any such benefits.

The ERE 132 Eco Home’s monitoring process has been developed and implemented by the CEGEP of Rimouski and its students. The main departments involved are:

Forest Product Processing Research and Expertise Services (SEREX) is also participating in the monitoring process of the ERE 132 Eco Home.

The results obtained from the monitoring process allow for quantifying certain theoretical principles. The results obtained are generating significant benefits for architects, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers of materials. Moreover, the data collected will contribute to promoting the transfer of knowledge among visitors to the Eco Home.