Context of the project

Eco-construction is the natural choice in the desire to build infrastructure more responsibly that respects healthy, human ecosystems and their inhabitants. The domain of eco-construction is more than a simple business; it is a major trend in several business sectors. Stakeholders who think that environmental and current economic crises can be partly resolved through the regeneration of the construction industry are espousing green construction and the subsequent use of natural resources.

bois contexteWithin this context, the ERE 132 project highlights the Lower Saint Lawrence’s greatest natural wealth: WOOD. This highly strategic course of action is for the economic growth of the region and is closely tied to the mission of the Créneau Écoconstruction.

Business members of the Green Building Cluster have developed an integrated offer comprising wood products and ecological services dedicated to construction. The Eco Home project intends to support this industry and its craftsmen by contributing to positioning the Lower Saint Lawrence on a regional, national and international scale, as a supplier of environmentally responsible products and services.