Enhancement phase

mise en valeur

The team behind the ERE 132 Eco Home worked tirelessly in the spirit of collaboration. The team prioritized the dissemination of information and transfer of knowledge as well as feedback on lessons learned.

The approach is documented and the promotional component of the project is deployed in such a manner as to arouse the interest of a wide audience: professionals, manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the construction sector, educational institutions, elected officials and policy makers, tourists and the general public. In all matters of eco-construction, you will find in the ERE 132 a place of research, discovery and inspiration.



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Madame Josée Forest of Rimouski, whose mandate it was to spearhead stage 3 of the project for the ERE 132 Eco Home, has coordinated the entire enhancement phase with her firm Imaginature.

A monitoring program in real time for the ERE 132 has been put in place to measure the performance of the building and is being run by the CEGEP of Rimouski. In addition to sustaining the enhancement program, it should help to stimulate research and development in terms of green construction within regional industries as well as to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Moreover, available to rent, with or without an overnight stay, the ERE 132 allows visitors to contribute to the monitoring activities by staying in the Eco Home and therefore being able to evaluate the comfort and energy efficiency of a sustainable building that has been built with leading edge technology and coupled with the knowledge and expertise of those involved in eco-construction.

Acting as consultant and specialist in the eco-construction enhancement program, the non-profit organization, Ecohome has been involved in the project, notably in the thematic process focused on sustainable architecture and region expertise in eco-construction.

The Digital Imagery Research and Development Centre (CDRIN) at the CEGEP of Matane has enhanced the process of two digital applications. The first one provides advertising of regional expertise in eco-construction in terms of the creation of products and technologies with low environmental impact. The second application aims to raise awareness among visitors of the impacts of their choices in terms of both construction and lifestyle and the subsequent effects on their environmental footprint.

The firm Tortuga Films of Rimouski has produced a documentary on the construction of the ERE 132 Eco Home. The visitor can experience, through the cinematic process of time-lapse, the construction of the building and watch presentation clips from various business partners.

The visual artist Fernande Forest of Rimouski has produced, in conjunction with her firm Graffi-X Communications, the design and image of the interpretative signage. She has also created the visual identification of the project.