Regional synergy

The ERE 132 Eco Home corresponds architecturally to the original model of the home in the Lower Saint Lawrence: rooftop at 45 degrees, simple rectangular shape, south facing windows (almost no windows to the north) and no basement.

Carte BSLThis showcase of excellence highlights the knowledge and expertise of the regional stakeholders in eco-construction, arousing interest in this field, thereby stimulating the socio-economic development of the Lower Saint Lawrence. The ERE 132 is a promising project for the environment, the economy and the communities of the Lower Saint Lawrence.

Born out of an exemplary regional involvement, the ERE 132 Eco Home has been built thanks to the support of the Green Building Cluster and the involvement of a group of 76 business partners: responsible for public, institutional and private funding, including a good number working in the construction industry in the Lower Saint Lawrence and elsewhere in Quebec. The latter, motivated by the opportunity to distinguish themselves in the area of eco-construction, graciously offered, free of charge, their products, services and technology in exchange for the best possible publicity of their wares and expertise.

The selection of companies was based on a set of criteria respecting the fundamental principles of sustainable development. These construction partners benefit from the willingness of the Green Building Cluster to promote a range of building materials, technology and environmentally-friendly equipment, all emanating from regional expertise. The materials used for the construction of the ERE 132 are therefore essentially derived from renewable resources developed and processed locally. Similarly, the manufacturing techniques and procedures adhered to are eco-responsible. These choices are crucial to a healthy local and regional economy.