Trade name and trade mark

Inspired by the example of the German houses "Aktiv" whose promoters use the actual civic address of the Eco Home to publicize their construction, the team agreed upon the name “ERE 132 - showcase of excellence in eco-construction”.

This name :

  • identifies the Eco Home in its actual physical space (the 132 highway)
  • evokes a scientific component to the name, a high performance language
  • is powerful, evocative of both refinement and luxury • alludes to the idealism of a new world
  • conveys a certain enigma
  • allows for the use of the catchy slogan “Enter into the ERE 132; the new era of eco-construction”
  • is the acronym for Eco Residence of the East
  • contains the consonant “R” that alludes to the “R” insulation factor


The firm Graff-X Communications of Rimouski has created a visual identification aimed at positioning and explaining its fundamental purpose. The trade mark is a combination of “text and graphics". The symbolism of the house alludes to expertise and the symbolism of the star inspires excellence. Moreover, the star, which is attached to the 132, suggests a direction, with the star pointing towards the East.