What is the cheapest energy? The energy that is not used!


We think of a passive solar home as ingenious yet even our forefathers were advocates of such green energy: this type of home was found in ancient Greece! MaisonERE132

The passive solar home is heated by free energy to which everyone in the home will have access: sunlight. A house designed according to these principles recuperates heat coming from solar radiation, in an optimal manner and without solar panels. The house uses little energy to stay comfortable, year-round.

The costs associated with passive solar heating are minimal. Everything is in the orientation, the design and the building envelope: no expensive heating equipment is required.


In Quebec, a home with a passive solar design consumes up to 90% less heat than a conventional home. The electricity consumed is mainly due to appliances and lighting.

The passive solar home is resilient: the sun never “goes down” and so the system lasts as long as the home.

The annual heating requirements of the ERE 132, due to its ingenious design, are 45 kWh/m2. Which corresponds to a savings of about 872$ per year!