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moisissuresMold has a dark foam-like appearance and can be found nestled on the edge of a bathtub, inside walls and ceilings, in the basement, in air conditioning units or on fabrics. The presence of mold is a sign that there is high humidity or that there is water infiltration.

  • Dangers
    Besides material degradation, mold can cause irritation, allergies or respiratory illnesses.
  • What can I do to protect myself from mold?
    For an ambient temperature of 200C, it is advisable to keep a relative humidity between 40% and 60 %. To get rid of mold, the affected areas must first be cleaned and dried. Next, a range hood should be installed in the kitchen, an exhaust fan in both the bathroom and the basement, or better yet, a centralized system in the home. This should be sufficient to prevent excess humidity.